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COVID-19: ‘No evidence’ of people spitting on door handles in St’sailes community

First Nations leaders taking these matters seriously

Concerns recently surfaced in the Sts’ailes First Nation community that an individual was spitting on door handles. Fortunately, no evidence of this happening has surfaced.

“We understand your concern for the community as these are very anxiety-inducing times,” read a statement from the community. “The RCMP were called to look for a suspicious person on the evening of April 21 but did not find anyone nor did they find a camp.”

St’sailes leaders urged those who see anyone spitting on door handles or otherwise acting as a danger to the public during the pandemic to contact the local RCMP and alert Tim Felix, Dawn Charlie and Stephanie Leon Riedl; the St’sailes community takes these matters seriously.

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The Agassiz-Harrison RCMP can be contacted in non-emergencies at 604-796-2211. The email addresses for the community leaders are the following:

Tim Felix

Dawn Charlie

Stephanie Leon Riedl

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