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Crash between motorcycle and car downtown Chilliwack

ICBC has safety tips as riding peaks in summer months

An accident Thursday morning downtown Chilliwack between a motorcycle and a car is a reminder that the warm weather brings out those on two wheels.

Police and fire were quickly on the scene of the crash at Corbould Street and Reece Avenue and the driver was able to walk and appeared uninjured.

Motorcycle crashes in B.C. peak in summer months as more and more riders are on the road, according to ICBC.

Six out of 10 crashes happen at intersections, and police data between 2011 and 2015 show driver distraction and drivers who fail to yield are the top factor in crashes with motorcycles.

ICBC has the following tips for car and truck drivers to help prevent crashes with motorcycle:

• Scan intersections carefully and take an extra moment to look for motorcycles when you’re turning left.

• Stay alert and avoid distractions that take your mind off driving or your eyes off the road.

• Allow at least three or four seconds of following distance when behind a motorcycle and plenty of lane space when you pass.

• Be ready to yield as a motorcycle is often closer than it seems. Remember it can be hard to tell how fast they’re travelling.

As for motorcycle riders, ICBC has tips for them, too:

• Practise emergency braking and obstacle avoidance. Brush up on core skills in a safe place like an empty parking lot if you haven’t ridden for a few months.

• Be seen. Do your best to stay out of a driver’s blind spot.

• Watch drivers for clues. Never assume they’ve seen you or will give you the right-of-way, they may not accurately judge your distance or speed.

• Use your signals. Let drivers know what you plan to do so they can anticipate your next move and react in time.

• Plan your path prior to a curve. Look where you want to go and then adjust your lane position and speed to exit smoothly.

• Ride at a safe speed. Manage your speed to leave ample time to stop or steer out of a vehicle’s path.

• The first ride after a long break can often leave you feeling a little rusty. ICBC’s Learn to ride smart and Tuning up for riders guides provide great information for bringing your knowledge and riding skills back up to par.