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District officials urge wearing masks amid second wave

Mayor Sylvia Pranger delivers timely reminders

As COVID-19 numbers surge throughout the province and the Fraser Health region, local officials took time to deliver some important reminders.

During Monday’s (Nov. 9) District of Kent Council meeting, Mayor Pranger urged businesses and residents to wear masks in all public places. Masks and other face coverings are designed to prevent the wearer from spreading respiratory droplets to those around them; said droplets are the means of which COVID-19 is spread. She further encouraged sticking to the common sense methods of stopping the spread of illness – frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds at a time, using sanitizer and practicing social distancing.

“If we really love and care for our neighbours and our community, le’ts all do our part to continue keeping each other safe and healthy,” Mayor Pranger told the public. “Thank you for doing your part thus far.”

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In other council business, Council ratified Mayor Pranger’s appointments for deputy mayors. District Councillors Kerstin Schwichtenberg and Stan Watchorn will serve as deputy mayor. Schwichtenberg serves first from Nov. 1 to April 30, 2021 followed by Watchorn from May 1, 2021 to Oct. 31, 2021.

The district will collaborate with Dave Moore and Sts’ailes-Sq’ewlets Fisheries to assess salmon restoration projects on the Mountain Slough. In order to create a better environment for at-risk salmon species, future projects may include vegetation and sediment removal and planting native vegetation.

The District’s 22 pet waste stations saw heavy use in the last month, going through 17,000 pet bags. In an effort to keep up with demand, the council elected to switch to single-pull compostable bags, which are less likely to result in pulling more than one bag at a time, thereby cutting potential waste. An “Adopt a Pet Waste Station” program is also in the works.

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Council approved the acknowledgement of November as Adoption Awareness Month.

Mayor Pranger congratulated Chilliwack-Kent MLA-elect Kelli Paddon and thanked outgoing MLA Laurie Throness for his years of service to the riding. Paddon emerged as victor after the mail-in ballots were counted two weeks after Election Day.

The next District of Kent Council meeting is scheduled for November 23 at 7 p.m. at Municipal Hall. Please remember COVID-19 restrictions are in place and prepare accordingly.

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