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House on Chilliwack’s most valuable property list was built by Chinese VIP gambler

French-style mansion built by Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan, a man reportedly tied to the Chinese military
The home on this Greendale property in Chilliwack was apparently built by a Chinese VIP gambler connected to the RCMP’s investigation of money laundering at B.C. casinos. BC Assessment lists 6500 Chadsey Rd. as the most valuable property in Chilliwack in 2022 at $4.31 million. (Google Earth)

The most valuable property in Chilliwack according to BC Assessment might also be one of the most interesting.

The seven-acre property at 6500 Chadsey Rd. has a 16,543-square-foot home with seven bedrooms and nine bathroom and is valued at $4.31 million.

Along with the adjacent property on Chadsey, the 11-acre compound is surrounded by two layers of 15-foot-high cedar hedging in between which is a chain link fence, above which can be seen no fewer than 32 security cameras.

Some of the mystery about the property was revealed after a Global News report in 2018, which reported the French-style mansion was built by a Chinese gambling VIP allegedly connected to the RCMP’s probe of money laundering at Richmond’s River Rock Casino, itself tied to international drug trafficking.

FULL STORY: High security at Chinese VIP gambler’s rural Chilliwack compound

According to Global’s sources, the house was built by 56-year-old Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan, a man reportedly tied to the Chinese military who owns both a gun shop in the Lower Mainland and an extensive firearms collection.

Inside the 6,530-square-foot finished basement is a collection of vehicles, including numerous Rolls Royce cars, a firetruck, two military jeeps, and several weapons.

The next-door property included in the compound is the former site of the old Chadsey Elementary School, at 6450 Chadsey Rd., and is valued at $1.867 million.

The $4.31-million valuation represents a 34.6 per cent increase over the property’s 2021 assessment of $3.201 million.

That is not out of line with increases seen across Chilliwack, as BC Assessment reports the Class 1 residential roll went up 34.8 per cent year over year.

Number two on the top 10 most valuable properties in Chilliwack is a four-acre property with a six-bedroom, eight bathroom, 7,000-square foot house at 43216 South Sumas Rd. valued at $4 million.

And number three on the list is a 35-acre property with a large house at the top of Majuba Hill on Karson Road valued at $3.671 million.

Top 10 valued properties in Chilliwack for 2022 according to BC Assessment

1. 6500 Chadsey Rd. – $4,310,000

2. 43216 South Sumas Rd. – $4,009,000

3. 3190 Karson Rd. – $3,671,000

4. 47295 Thornton Rd. – $3,605,000

5. 42273 Keith Wilson Rd. – $3,584,000

6. 50200 Castleman Rd. – $3,535,000

7. 50140 Yale Rd. – $3,529,000

8. 50019 Camp River Rd. – $3,387,000

9. 6255 Chadsey Rd. – $3,262,000

10. 8050 Old Orchard Rd. – $3,246,000

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