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PHOTOS: Mission manager asks internet to bring in dogs for pup-loving employee, many pets follow

Dogs of all sizes, cat on a leash, even a horse visit The Source seeking pets from employee

When a manager of The Source in Mission asked the internet to bring in dogs for his pup-loving employee, a tsunami of pets flooded in.

The employee told her boss she was going to put out the call on a popular neighbourhood Facebook group, but then chickened out, so the manager did it himself on Friday, July 16.

“Funny request incoming.. so my staff member at the Source.. Erin, she loves dogs.. she says to me ‘I’m going to ask in neighbours for people to bring their dogs so I can pet them’… She chickened out, so I’m doing it for her… Bring your dogs to the Source!! Let’s make Erin happy .. (she’s driving me nuts).”

Dogs of all sizes, a cat on a leash, and even a horse trotted up to the store seeking pets. Even Mission Councillor Mark Davies and his dogs stopped by to say hello.

“Neighbours.. I want to thank you guys… You made Erin’s day today… We had a lot of fun meeting Mission’s finest .. Thank you for bringing them over,” the manager said.

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