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VIDEO: Rockwell Drive wrecked after weekend flood, landslides

Work to restore the road has begun, witnesses say
Homes and roadways were covered with wood, dirt and debris as flood waters and landslides descended upon residents along Rockwell Drive. (Photo/Tara Fanzega)

Road crews are hard at work as locals survey the damage along flood-ridden Rockwell Drive outside of Harrison Hot Springs as Search and Rescue volunteers and RCMP aid stranded residents.

Rockwell Drive was buried in dirt, wood and debris and torrential rains caused mudslides across the Lower Mainland and Agassiz-Harrison. Due to rapid-moving water, flooding and landslides, the 6500 block of the road remains under evacuation orders from the District of Kent.

Witnesses in the area say Harrison area forest service road access and access to Hicks Lake Road are virtually non-existent due to the severe weather conditions. The shoulders of the road have also been washed away in some parts.

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Residents along Rockwell Drive have been through the proverbial wringer during the past two years. Last winter, the road was utterly destroyed due to flooding, taking critical infrastructure with it and affecting 40 homes. While it was originally estimated that repairs would take several weeks, road and district infrastructure crews worked swiftly, most families were able to return home within a week.


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