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Vintage cars ready to coast into Agassiz

Classic cars make 70 day trek in patriotic tour

Canadian Coasters are ready to embark on their Canadian Coast-to-Coast Classic Vehicle tour once again. The 2017 Canadian Coast to Coast tour holds the reputaton as the most “unique automotive tour in the world.”

Members of their organization represent each province in Canada, and with their authentic vehicles will take a scenic drive through each of the provinces, a patriotic 70 day trek, that will see 150 vintage cars of every model and make proceed stylishly across Canada.

“Coasters started in 1967, it’s really a hobby, but it’s really about the camaraderie and the friendship, it becomes like a big family and we’re really excited to come to Agassiz — people are really welcoming in a small town, especially Agassiz,” Coasters Coordinator Fraser Field told The Observer.

The tour is slated to begin in Victoria B.C., before winding through the Coast Mountains and entering the Rocky Mountains and heading to Alberta.

Coasters will be expected to coast through Agassiz on Thursday, June 29, during their first day of travel, after crossing the ocean via BC Ferries to Tsawwassen, then a drive along the Fraser River, before their expected arrival at the Community Recreation & Cultural Centre at 12 p.m where they will spend the rest of the day, with an overnight campout planned at the CRCC.

The community is invited to come out to see a host of incredible classic cars and trailers, as well as the opportunity to meet a group of passionate hobbyists who love small towns, travel, and vintage wheels!