It’s time for traffic control

Residents of rural route hoping to see changes in traffic flow

Having lived on the route from Whelpton Raod to Ashton Road for 25 years, we have witnessed the evolution of our quiet and safe country roads, enjoyed by all, to becoming a nightmare of overwhelming out -of-town commuter traffic today. Something must be done.

A traffic committee was struck last year to address the problem, and some mild steps were taken, with very little effect on the main issue, the volume of traffic. It is time for the next step.

Harrison Hot Springs suffered a tragedy a few years back and the Village took serious preventative measures, and they work.

Rosedale did the same on the highway, and it works.

Chilliwack made some creative and safe changes to calm the traffic on McNaught, Carleton and Keith Wilson Roads, and they work.

These are only three examples of actions taken, and they are safe, and they work. It’s time our council and its staff starting thinking outside the box, work with all those concerned, and find a solution to our traffic problem. And before we have a repeat of last week’s near tragic accident.

It’s time.

Dave and Fran Hastie