(Adam Louis/Observer)

(Adam Louis/Observer)

LETTER: Big Picture in a Small Frame

Anne White of Harrison Hot Springs relishes happy moments in Harrison


A beautiful evening at the height of the summer, with lots of visitations to our beautiful village of Harrison Hot Springs, I had some wonderful moments a few weeks ago.

It was after supper when I decided to take my dogs for a stroll around the Lagoon.

All was at it should be on such a beautiful warm evening.

There were many small and large families and friends in multigeneration groups, sitting together on the grass more people than I have experienced in the evening hours.

As I slowly walked past, I was struck by the many dialects, multiculturalism and harmony that surrounded the good times they were having.

I had not gone far when an older gentleman in a very large group let out a huge belly laugh, others in the group joined the laughter, it was so contagious. It brought a deep smile to my heart.

As I continued walking, I was aware that many of the people in these after dinner groups were laughing together, laughing, smiling, children dancing, the energy was amazing, I truly felt I was walking on holy ground.

Soaking in the ambiance that evening I rediscovered what I may have forgotten, we do not laugh in our native tongue, it comes from deep within us as human beings, is understood by all nationalities regardless of race or colour, smiles bring smiles and more laughter. My gratitude overflows to live in a place where hearts can unite in the freedom of laughter.

It was a summer gift that will be forever etched in my heart, and I look forward to sharing more beautiful evenings with you.

Anne White

Harrison Hot Springs

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