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LETTER: Ducks Unlimited not limited to ducks

Maria Morrow of Agassiz sets the DU record straight
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The following letter is in response to ‘A case of fowl play’ in the May 7 edition of the Observer.

Dear Editor:

There is a great misconception out there regarding Ducks Unlimited and their purpose. It is not just to save the ducks. Ducks Unlimited has done a lot to save Canada’s wetlands for many years. These sloughs, ponds, marshes and bogs play a critical role in maintaining the health of our environment, our economy and our lifestyle.

Wetlands are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet, but up to 70 per cent of wetlands have been lost in settled areas of Canada. More are lost every day. These habitats benefit other wildlife, people and our environment. Ducks Unlimited partners with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to get our work done so they can connect people to nature and make a healthier world for future generations.

They have completed more than 11,890 projects and conserved, restored and positively influenced more than 163.5 million acres of habitat. Despite their progress, wetlands continue to be lost at an alarming rate. Conserving wetlands and other natural habitats across North America is a challenge, but it is and always will be an important part of what Ducks Unlimited Canada does.

Maybe take a walk around Cheam Wetlands, and you will see what the local chapters have raised money towards. You would be surprised to see… it is not just the ducks who benefit from the hard work put in place by many volunteers who support a worthy cause.

Maria Morrow