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LETTER: Help yourself, everyone through preventative care

COVID and heat pressure emergency medicine, says Carmen Williams

This letter is in response to the editorial ‘COVID is much more than numbers and charts’, published July 30, 2021.

Dear Editor:

I need for the public to open their eyes to overloading the hospitals emergency wards for easily preventable acute care situations.

1. Covid. People, wear your masks in public places! If I can wear one for my entire shift while working in the hospital- you can wear one when you choose to be around a bunch of strangers or for however it takes for you to leave that situation! The emergency department should be called the department of entitled, arrogant idiots because that is what is coming through those front doors now!

2. Heat. I heard a senior citizen boosting about how he golfs every day- even golfing on the hottest days and laughing about how he now weighs himself before he leaves for his round of golf, and then immediately after, and he said he loses about 10 pounds! He knows this and acts like it’s great fun.

Heat is to be respected, not overcome. This fella is playing Russian roulette with his life. I just need the public to know – frontline health care workers are dropping like flies. It’s the stress of the unknown effects of COVID, then the added damage dumped on our healthcare system by these people who don’t take precautions, then the demand they should be given emergency care by the hospitals because it’s ‘our job’ to do so! It’s so insulting!

Use your brain to take care of yourself as much as you can. I can’t say anything more. I’m just too angry, too frustrated and I’m not allowed to yell at incoming patients when I hear they’re in the hospital now because they don’t believe in vaccinations or staying out of the sun on hot days.

I’m just done!

Carmen Williams


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