LETTER: Some seniors left behind in vaccine roll-out

Harrison resident Roger Rolfe shares his concerns about the vaccine roll out in B.C.

The BC Health Authority have come up with a vaccine schedule, starting with those in care homes and assisted living, and for those that are at the highest risk, including frontline workers. That is as it should be.

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I am wondering how many people like myself that are not in need of home care that live independently, managing their ailment — some with coronary disease. This group of seniors has fallen through the gap, and the outcome would not be good if in fact people like me were to get infected. The odds are slim for survival.

I can’t seem to get an answer; my doctor seems to know less than I do. I would have to wait until mid-April to even think of the opportunity to register. I figure there are possibly hundreds of people in this category like myself that have underlying conditions.

As the media seems to have a platform at these briefings, can somebody ask these questions?

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My other question is in regard to the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the controversy over its use in seniors over 65 years of age.Several countries in the EU have banned its use in people over 65: one country for people 55+. Canada has recommended it not be used in people 65+.

What is the intent of the BC Health Authority?

It is clear that despite warnings about the interval between vaccine being extended, Dr. Henry is claiming she knows more about the effectiveness of the vaccines than the manufacturers and scientists that have advised against a 16-week gap between shots. Although in many respects I admire Dr. Henry for the work she has done, I am not sure I like the idea of them playing Russian Roulette with our lives.

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What could the consequences be, if thousands think they are safe and it turns out wrong? That’s a serious criminal neglect, and could make a surge worse than the original surges. Maybe they should re-think this unless they are 150 per cent sure their data sounder than the manufacturers.

Should we be at risk because the governments, both Federal and Provincial, had no plan for this and were not supporting companies to make vaccines and manufacturer them in Canada?

We are not an experiment for health officials.

-Roger Rolfe, Harrison Hot Springs

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