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Medical marijuana dispensary controversy in Agassiz

Disabled single parent who agrees with the right to purchase medical marijuana through reputable dispensaries

My name is Tina and I preferred to leave my last name anonymous.

I am writing this as a person that is classified as normal (Live under a roof with a family and pay bills, that is my description of a normal family.)

I think it's kind of funny how Agassiz seems to be in an uproar about a medical marijuana dispensary.

I am a disabled single parent with two children that has a federal medical marijuana license and i do have the right to purchase medical marijuana through Health Canada or other reputable dispensaries.

When purchasing through Health Canada I must purchase a large amount. This means a substantial amount of money must be ready for pick up once delivered. Health Canada's dispensaries courier the medical marijuana.

When I go to Vancouver to purchase my medical marijuana from a reputable dispensary which is usually a two hour drive I can purchase a little bit of my medicine which my budget allows, or I can go to downtown Chilliwack, and find some skid that is selling my medicine with additives perhaps laced with crystal math, cocaine, or other stuff that should not be in my medicine.

I have found that since I have access to a reputable medical marijuana establishment that checks their medical marijuana and I can go purchase little amounts without having to go to the extreme of driving to Vancouver or having a substantial amount of cash ready.

The greatest thing about being in Canada is that we are a democracy, meaning that the people have the right to speak out. Once Health Canada has finished with re-writing legislation regarding medical marijuana dispensaries and stores, everyone's concerns will be put at bay.

I would like to tell the residents of Agassiz, those that participate in medical marijuana are not all skids, we are productive members in society too.

Remember, change is good, Society was shocked 100 years ago when women could finally vote and before that women were allowed to have abortions with only certain doctors who were allowed to perform them. I will also mention alcohol prohibitions.

I would like you to understand and consider the effects of someone who is in substantial pain, who has never been able to sleep, while having some type of occupational disease and choosing not to be on opiates. Having the dispensary closer, this allows me to have some type of quality of life.

There are rules, when you go to that organization you must be an adult. No ID no entry to the front desk.

I would also like to throw in that those who do participate in medical marijuana — not everybody likes or participates and we shouldn't be throwing it in people's faces (wafts of smoke for example, irritate people.) Persons are not allowed to drink walking down the road or smoke in public places, by law.

I could go on with this subject forever but I need to put this letter down.