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One student’s experience at the grill with ACE

ACE burgers build confidence with student grill masters

Emma Potts writes:

On June 15 we had our last BBQ of the year. It went smoothly and it made me think of past events.

Throughout this barbecue I noticed that we ACE kids were very relaxed and aware of all the duties that needed to be done to get our burgers out. When looking back at our past barbecues I remember hearing Sandy’s name more frequently than the orders. We all tended to latch onto her for reassurance and orders rather than taking the responsibility ourselves but the last few barbecues I’ve noticed that we’ve grown quite independent and fond of our responsibilities.

As we create our magnificent tasting sauce and burgers, we still manage to joke around like siblings as we usually do, and of course have lots of fun throughout or work.

For example, when we had our Intergenerational barbecue with the seniors and youth of Agassiz, we sold 170 burgers in two and half hours.

Even with this huge amount of cooking and serving, all of us ACE kids, including the parent group, managed to have a wonderful time.