VIDEO: Children read to therapy dogs at Langley library

For kids who struggle with reading, a dog is the perfect audience

VIDEO: Missing cat reunited with Vancouver Island family after three months

‘It was like one day she was there, the next day she was gone,’ said owner

PHOTOS: Sts’Ailes students scale glaciers as part of mountain skills and wilderness program

‘It’s not just about taking kids hiking, it’s actually about connecting them to the land’

MAP: Walk down memory lane in Agassiz’s downtown

Resident Harvey Andrew shares his memory map of Pioneer Avenue from the 1960s

Agassiz Community Garden plants roots on BC Hydro land

Garden society hopes to get new Morrow Road location operational by spring

Harrison Polar Bear Swim 2020
Driftwood Avenue home wins Harrison Hot Springs 'Light Up' contest for second year in a row
Country singer Todd Richard performs outside Memorial Hall in Harrison
CP Holiday Train 2019 - Agassiz

CELEBRATING 125: Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge sign of progress, monument to disappointment

The construction of the bridge in 1956 brought new ideas to Agassiz, but didn’t meet all expectations

  • Jan 13, 2020

Harrison Festival family ‘barn dance’ cancelled due to snow

Festival society hopes to reschedule after cancelling traditional called dance

‘Let’s give it shot’: Harrison council approves block party pilot project

Residents will be able to apply for seed money to host block parties starting in April

UPDATE: ‘Archaeology in the Agassiz-Harrison Valley’ event postponed due to weather

Agassiz-Harrison Museum will reschedule debut of winter speaker series when conditions improve

CELEBRATING 125: The last community natural disaster in living memory

The 1948 flood is still referred to by many as ‘The Flood’ and its legacy lives on today

  • Jan 10, 2020

‘We feel like we are home’: Newcomer families adapting well in Agassiz

Two newcomer familes are settling in after arriving in Agassiz in 2019

CELEBRATING 125: Schedule of events

Want to know what’s going on throughout the year? Check out this list of events

CELEBRATING 125: The Agassiz Fall Fair a time-honoured tradition

From 1901 to now, the Fall Fair has been an eagerly awaited event each year

Okanagan city goes bananas for truck spotted with fake gorilla in back

This giant gorilla has been spotted gallivanting around town

17 surrendered husky puppies available for adoption from Okanagan BC SPCA

The puppies were surrendered to the BC SPCA on Christmas Eve

CELEBRATING 125: Honouring a history of Agassiz hops

From the first hopyards in 1892 to the resurgence today, hops are an important part of Agassiz history

CELEBRATING 125: The incorporation of Kent

The District of Kent was incorporated in 1895 for one reason: to get things done

CELEBRATING 125: Remembering Agassiz’s Chinese heritage

Chinese-Canadians have been an integral part of the community since before Kent was incorporated

CELEBRATING 125: The reason for Agassiz

Even before the District of Kent, the Agassiz family forged a place for themselves by the river

  • Jan 3, 2020