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PHOTOS: ‘Big Sky River’ filming flows through Agassiz

Movie takes place in Montana, shot on Pioneer Avenue

Those walking down Pioneer Avenue on Monday afternoon had to do a double-take to make sure they weren’t south of the border.

The Aberdeen Building and portions of Pioneer Avenue were all decked out to look like the fictional Parable County, Montana, as part of the production of a TV movie under the working title “Big Sky River.”

The Aberdeen Building acted as the sheriff’s office, surrounded by police cars, a few townsfolk and uniformed officers with the dual American and Montana flags flying overhead. A large “Sheriff’s Office Parable County” sign covered one of the building’s windows, and even the fliers on the bulletin board were changed to transport the viewer to Montana. Old wooden wagon wheels, worn benches and an abundance of spring flowers completed the set.

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The cast and crew were on site for about three hours before disbanding to the next location.

According to Creative B.C., Peter Benson is the director of “Big Sky River.” Benson has nearly 150 acting credits, including the “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” movie series and “Mech-X4.” This project would mark Benson’s 11th project as director, with previous entries including “The Crossword Mysteries: Terminal Descent” and “The Santa Stakeout.”

Though plot specifics or even a release date has yet to be published, it can be linked to a book of the same name by romance author Linda Lael Miller. “Big Sky River” is the third installment in Miller’s “Parable, Montana” series. This entry follows Sherrif Boone Taylor as his peace and quiet on his ranch is disturbed when Tara Kendall, looking for a new start in love and life, moves in next door.


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