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Harrison Hot Springs joins Alertable

Local emergency alert service will now broadcast village-specific notices
The Alertable system has just launched in Harrison Hot Springs. (File Photo)

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs announced that local officials may now issues alerts via the community safety mobile app, Alertable.

Alertable allows users to receive emergency alerts, traffic incident information and other general notices that are relevant to where they are in real time. Back in late January, the Harrison Hot Springs council approved paying $3,000 for an annual subscription to the Alertable emergency notification system. This system allows local governments like the village’s to deliver emergency alerts not only to mobile app users but to local landlines, through text messages and via email to those who subscribe. While more recent numbers are not yet available, at the time of voting, there were 200 people within the village that were already subscribed to Alertable.

Signing up for Alertable is free. The app can be paired with iOS and Android smartphones, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Teams and Slack workplace communications in addition to emails, text messages and phone calls.

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To sign up for your own Alertable subscription, visit


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